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Our Mission Statement: Called to work for all peoples to be in a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ so that together we can share God's love by word and action.





39 years ago this month I was appointed the Student Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Rahway, NJ.  (I have enjoyed saying to people: ‘I did two years in Rahway.’ for a long time.)

A week after I was named Pastor and met with the Pastor Parish Relations Committee and the following week I was invited to a Church Council Meeting.  As I came into the meeting room one of the members said, ‘Oh, here is the new pastor.’  and everyone in the room turned and looked in my direction, and I turned to look behind me for the ‘new pastor’. 

Then it hit me...  ‘IT’S ME!!!’  I do not know what my face showed, probably the combination of terror and nausea that I was feeling in the moment. 

I have a feeling you have felt this too, when it dawned on you that you were ‘her/him’ that someone is looking for.

Can I just dare to suggest that there is someone everyone is looking for?  An honest follower of Jesus.  Someone with no axe to grind.  No grievance to air.  Somebody who is sane and a person that lives their life with joy and humility.  And all of that is a gift from being a follower of Jesus. 

There is all kinds of craziness in our world right now and I am feeling like I never have before that Jesus is calling us to be people who step up and with an unblinking look say, ‘Yep, that is me, a follower of Jesus.’

Pastor Mike

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